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Ferris Farms Natural Products

Ferris Farms Natural Products. We focus on Natural and organic creations for body, mind, and spiritual well being.

We offer body products as well as aromatherapy. Anything natural for Body, Mind & Soul.

Ferris Farms is a result of organic living and spiritual practice. It is the desire to live in conscious harmony with the natural world and spiritual healing. What started out as a 1000 sq ft urban garden, transformed into a neighborhood produce exchange. Then in early 2012, the concept of organic products that paralleled the essence of the garden gave birth to a cottage industry that is the Ferris Farms of today.

I, Aleen Ferris, have been creating and selling my spiritual art for most of my life. I started creating my organic body products in 2012 for personal use and gifts. My products were so well received and successful that I branched out of my sphere of friends and neighbor and became part of the local Farmer’s Markets in spring of 2013. Now I am a thriving business that caters to those who are like-minded in the desire to live in harmony with the natural world, and I am now offering my products online.

I am regularly creating new and unique items. You can purchase my organically created Body Lotions, Body Butters, Soaps, Balms, Sprays, Pet Products, Aromatherapy Products  and much more on this website.

I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them!

To learn more about the actual "Ferris Farms" please visit our website at:

Ferris Farms is a registered trademark.