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About Ferris Arts

Ferris Arts owner AleenFerris Arts
is owned and operated by me, Aleen Ferris, american artist, entrepreneur and a woman in recovery

Ferris Arts focuses on natural creations for the body, the mind and spiritual well-being. All of the materials, oils and organic components come directly from the source.

Ferris Arts is a result of organic living, spiritual practice, and creativity resulting in a culmination of several cottage businesses. My art is consistent with the beliefs and the practice of spiritual well-being. My art is original and one of a kind and made from natural materials.

I personally design and create my Folk Art jewelry and my Recovery jewelry. I welcome custom orders!

Shodhana essential oils and accessories. Shodhana oils is not a multi level marketing company. Shodhana oils deals directly with distillers from all over the world and the blends and kits are also created and manufactured by me, Aleen Ferris.

Ferris Arts is also a licensed vendor for Narcotics Anonymous.The NA trademark is owned by NAWs. The Ferris Farms and Shodhana trademarks and brands are owned by me, Aleen Ferris.

Yes... I am a busy woman, but I didn't do this all overnight.