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About the Artist and Ferris Arts

Ferris Arts owner Aleen
I am Aleen Ferris, an artist, illustrator and entrepreneur

I am graduate of The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University with a BFA in Fine Art & Science. I finished my undergraduate studies at Harvard University in comparative religion and went on to to my post graduate work in metaphysical sciences.  I earned a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science and then finished my formal education with a Doctorate in Divinity. My area of studies were/are focused on Shamanism. My specialty is in the area of Synchronicity and the Synergy of Healing.
I have been creating all of my life. I draw all the time. I create things all the time. I believe in magic. I believe that; an idea that forms in the mind or the subconscious, then conscious reality, then is translated into matter within a three dimensional reality is magic. It is a divine action, a Spiritual action.

I am just an american artist and metaphysical practitioner with a dream and desire to share my spiritual art with you! 

Aleen Ferris

I live a life surrounded by Spirituality, and I make stuff..... it's what I do.