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Ferris Arts

Mini Chakra Crystal Troll Doll

$ 30.00

A genuine classic min troll doll with a Lemurian crystal crown and Chakra crystals. The crown is surrounded by tiny angel aura beads.

The Chakra crystals are authentic Swarovski crystals. They represents the seven chakras are spinning energy centers in the body which process subtle energy and convert it into chemical, hormonal or cellular changes in the body.

Lemurian crystal are said to hold the secrets and the mysteries of the universe.

The Chakra crystals accompanied with the Lemurian Crystal Crown; my little Crystal Chakra troll holds profound mystic and therapeutic energy.

It stands 1.75" - 2" from base to the top of it's crystal crown.

Each hand crafted chakra troll doll is unique. It is sold in it’s own collectors box complete with a certificate of Authentication from the Artist - Aleen Ferris

"Won't you come Om with me?"

The chakra Crystal Troll I will personally pick one of the the trolls pictured.

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