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Ferris Arts

King Selenite Troll Doll

$ 70.00

King Selenite - King of the Enchanted Forest. A genuine classic 4" troll doll with a genuine selenite crystal crown. The crown is surrounded by rainbow dyed Mulberry paper flowers and enhanced with angel aura glass beads. King Selenite wear a crown of pure Selenite. Including the crown the height is 5.75 inches. He also wears a Swarovski crystal belly charm to complete his royalty.

Selenite crystal properties are considered “liquid light” because the crystal clears energy blockages. Selenite allows for liquid-like energy fluidity. He truly is the king of all the Trolls in the Enchanted Forest. His powers are grand.

The King Selenite is weighted, so he will easily stand on his own.

The King Selenite troll doll is unique. It is sold in it’s own collectors box complete with a certificate of Authentication from the Artist - Aleen Ferris

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