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Om Meditation Set with Nag Champa Candle

$ 30.00
This set comes in a wood gift crate with my custom blended Shodhana Om oil and handcrafted Nag Champa candle. It is especially good for relieving stress, anxiety and creating an atmosphere conducive to meditation. The candle is my custom made Nag Champa with 100% organic soy wax. Both items are nested in a 5" x 3" x 2" wooden crate with a rattan handle filled with natural wood shred. The whole kit makes a lovely gift.

Om is our custom blend that is a combination of the finest oils from around the world. Bulgarian Lavender oil is only harvested twice a year. It is often referred to as the champagne of lavender essential oils. The middle note is an English Lavender oil. Followed by a base of seductive Sandalwood oil; from India. The combination creates a aromatic blend that helps with anxiety, stress, and has been know to aid in sleep.

Our prices are so great because we are NOT a multi level marketing company!

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