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Om Roller Ball Perfume by Shodhana - Ferris Arts


Om Roller Ball Perfume by Shodhana

$ 20.00

Shodhana Om is my custom blend of the finest oils from around the world. It is a carefully formulated blend of Lavender oils from Bulgaria and Western Europe, and exotic Sandalwood from India. I have suspended the blend in a carrier of fractionated coconut oil. The coconut oil keeps the fragrance alive. Oils carried by alcohol dry out quickly and disappear.

Shodhana essential oils is located in California, we specialize in essential oils that we specifically choose and import directly from distillers all over the world.

Our motto is: Breathe into wellness.

It comes in a deep purple 10ml roller ball for easy application.

Our prices are so great because we are NOT a multi level marketing company!

Please visit our website to learn more about Shodhana at:

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