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Spiced Citrus Aromatherapy Oil by Shodhana - 15 ml Bottle

$ 15.00 $ 19.95

Shodhana Spiced Citrus was created as the summer came to an end and the smells of autumn filled the air.

Spiced Citrus is a combination  of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils of orange, cinnamon, and clove blended together to create a harvest ambiance. Orange oil is uplifting and energetic and the cinnamon and clove oil add an essence of internal peace.

Spiced Citrus works best in our Terra Cotta Diffusers, and it can be used in a steam diffuser by adding a few drops to the water. The amount depends on you own personal use of the fragrance and the space of the room in which it is used. 

"I personally use it in my diffuser when entertaining for the holidays." - Aleen Ferris

Shodhana essential oils is located in California, we specialize in essential oils that we specifically choose and import directly from distillers all over the world.

Our motto is: Breathe into wellness.

The price is for a 15ml bottle of this quality blend.

Our prices are so great because we are NOT a multi level marketing company!

Please visit our website to learn more about Shodhana at:

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