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Volcanic Lava Aromatherapy Bracelet

$ 15.00
Wear essential oils all day with your own aromatherapy bracelet. Lava aromatherapy bracelets are made from 100% volcanic lava, cut and shaped into beads and then crafted into wearable oil diffusers. Each bracelet is on a stretch cord accented with silver spacer beads from Tibet. Choose between crimson red or denim blue center lava stone. Included with the bracelet is a 2.3ml bottle of Shodhana Om and a transfer pipette. To use, just put the pipette in the Om bottle and slightly tip while drawing very little of the oil into the bulb. Drop the desired amount onto the center stone of the bracelet.

Shodhana Om is our custom blend that is a combination of the finest oils from around the world. Bulgarian Lavender oil is only harvested twice a year. It is often referred to as the champagne of lavender essential oils. The middle note is an English Lavender oil. Followed by a base of seductive Sandalwood oil; from India.  It is often used for relaxation and calming.

The purchase is for the set including; a lava bracelet, 2.3ml bottle of Shodhana Om essential oil, and an oil transfer pipette and instructions for use.

*Please note.... while we supply the Om oil, you can use your own fragrance. However, do not use any oils in the citrus family. The oils will eat through the stretch cord and destroy your bracelet.

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